11 nov. 2011

[VIDEO] KOCA MONARCHY Jay-Z meets Warhol

Interview of Kristopher, this young pop'art artist, who started as a graffiti artist in Chicago.

Interview Valerie Fournier
Réalisation Yann Le Nagard

More infos about artist : http://kocamonarchy.com/
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Kristoffer W. McAfee was born into a lower-middle class family in San Diego, California with his mother working as a Nurse and father in the U.S. Navy. At the age of three his parents separated and he moved to Chicago with his mother to live with relatives on the south side of the city. While growing up Kristoffer resided in many different parts of city as well as Gary, Indiana but was primarily raised in the historic neighborhood of Hyde Park known for its diversity. It was this juxtaposition that he witnessed so often, a separation of resources, that he believes gave him this keen eye for unbalanced opportunities. Kristoffer is commonly known for saying that he lived in war zones for certain parts of his life and then lived in neighborhood with million dollar homes the next. These obvious differences in lifestyles and living conditions would not only give him a further understanding of why people perform such ‘negative’ acts but also why others carry on as if they did not exist. 

Growing up within the Chicago Public School system, Kristoffer always had a certain interest in the arts, being known as ‘the artist’ throughout his grammar school. However, it wasn’t until high school that he began his life changing transformation from an artist within to a publicly known painter. It started as a love for street art which he felt was a perfect tool to express himself without any limitations and a way to mentally escape from his then hardships in life. With the help of his friends and family he began to not only paint murals throughout his own school but also travel from coast to coast entering  mural competitions. He also painted for grant fund art programs for inner city children. It was within this time period when Kristoffer not only realized the importance of traveling in relationship to art but the shared passion of expression through this medium of painting. Not long there after did the art awards start to come in from various city wide competitions but even then he did not believe in his talent enough to take it to the mainstream public until years later.

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